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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 18, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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first at 4:00. news 4 at 4:00 starts now. a tragedy on unthinkable proportions. >> president obama's thoughts. the president broke the news today that at least one american citizen was on board that plane. he said the evidence indicates the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile. he also strongly suggested that russia bares at least responsibility for part of the crash that killed nearly 300 people. jennifer johnson has the latest. >> reporter: president obama today said there is clear evidence that malaysia airlines flight 17 was brought down by a surface to air missile in an ar
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area. >> the airliner was filled with citizens from many countries, so there has to be a credible international investigation into what happened. >> the fbi and the national transportation safety board are sending experts to assist in the investigation. it won't be ease where i. the crash site spans over ten miles and is controlled by rebels who may have blown up the plane. >> this should snap everybody's heads to attention and make sure that we don't have time for propaganda. we don't have time for games. we need to know exactly what happened, and everybody needs to make sure that we're holding accountable those who committed this outrage. >> the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says america cannot rule out russia w's help in this tas. the white house says separatists have blown up planes before, but never a passenger airline. >> if indeed separatists were responsible, they and their
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backers would have good reason to cover up evidence of their crime. >> reporter: most of the passengers were dutch. the plane originated in amsterdam. >> one more face of the tragedy. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washingto washington. there was one american. quinn seansman had dutch and american citizenship. a friend who went to high school with him tells us that he was born in new york city, but lived in the netherlands most of his life. he enrolled in business school in amsterdam last fall and moved to the city three months ago. he said his favorite quotation was i have a dream.
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crash victims were prom independent researchers working on hiv and aids. at least six passengers on the plane on and possibly many more were headed to the 20th international aids conference in melbourne where former president bill clinton is scheduled to speak. the loss includes the former president of the international aids society. >> this is just a terrible, terrible day for the whole h.i.v. movement. >> what if the cure for aids is on that plane? really. we don't know. sfwloop dr. anthony of the national institutes of health is one of our nation's top experts on aids. he is traveling to the conference right now. we expect to hear from him when he lands in australia. there is an outpouring of grief and remembrance here in d.c. and around the world for the victims of the crash. wendy is at the live desk following that part of the story. wendy. >> well, no matter the connection to this tragedy, the love shown for the victims and the families have been swift. a memorial quickly growing outside the dutch embassy in northwest d.c., and that embassy
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is holding a vigil at 6:00 tonight, and those taking part will then walk to the malaysian embassy in memory of the 298 people killed. there has also been an outpouring of support in the capitals of both russia and ukraine. mounds of flowers placed outside the embassy of the netherlands and kiev, and more have done the same outside the dutch and malaysian embassies in moscow. to give you the idea of the scale of the tragedy for the netherlands, that is a small country, and the 189 victims from that family, relative to the total population, is the same as it was for the united states on 9/11. at the live desk, i'm wendy reeger. now back to you. a final social wreed post was meant to be dark humor, but now it's haunting. one of the dutch passengers on flight 17 posted a message on his facebook page just before he boarded. he posted a picture of the plane with a caption that translated it reads, "should it disappear, this is what it looks like." the message refers to the
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mystery that still surrounds malaysia airlines flight 370, presumed to have crashed in the indian ocean back in march. a scottish couple and their baby were bumped from flight 17 because there were want enough seats. they were rebooked on a later flight and only learned about the crash on their way to the airport. >> we were supposed to be on that flight, and obviously, you know, something was watching over us and saying, no, don't get on that flight. >> just shock. you get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. >> he said he was philosophical about getting on the next flight to kuala lumpur, but he did not think his wife felt the same way. he said she cried the whole way to the airport. we'll have all the latest developments on the malaysia plane crash investigation as they happen throughout the afternoon and evening. you can also get updates any time on nbc a security guard is in the hospital right now after a van slammed into his guard shack.
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police say the minivan hit the shack around 1:00 on curtis drive off branch avenue. the shack is in front of an apartment complex. firefighters say the guard has serious injuries, but they do expect him to be okay. police are still trying to figure out what happened with the driver and how that van ended up hitting the shack. presence georges county bureau chief is on the scene, and we'll have a live update on news 4 at 5:00. new at 4, a capitol hill staffer placed on unpaid administrative leave following a gun charge. the staffer is the press secretary for a pennsylvania congressman. he is accused of carrying a handgun and a magazine into the canon house office building. the staffer's name is ryan schutgard. he was arrested about 9:00 this morning. he is now charged with carrying a pistol without a license, which is a felony. the gun was found by metal detector at one of the entrances. he told news 4 it was "a total accident." we're still learning details about this case, and we'll bring
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you the very latest in a live report coming up on news 4 at 5:00. two different women were caught at separate times trying to get through bwi security with stun guns. tsa officers caught a silver sfrink spring woman with a stun gun in her carry-on yesterday morning as she entered the airport checkpoint. then last night a baltimore woman was caught with a stun gun in her carry-on. x-ray machines detected both weapons. police confiscated them and gave both women tickets. the silver line countdown is on. first, an exclusive look at the last stop as trains get ready to roll. it's a story you'll see only on news 4. plus, the new rules protecting pregnant women at work. how both moms and dads will benefit. here we go. we've had another stunning day today. look at this. we've got clouds not too far away. over west virginia. yes, they're bringing some rain, and they're eastbound. will they deliver rain
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would you hop on a bus if you knew the bus wouldn't get stuck in traffic and ride in its own lanes? that's the idea behind the new transportation project taking shape in northern virginia. arlington transportation leaders broke ground on their portion of the crystal city potomac yard transit way today. the route will connect with a similar project that's underway in alexandria. the transit way will have stations and you'll be able to get on and off just like you do the train. eventually transportation leaders hope street cars could run on these dedicated lanes away from traffic. it's the last stop along phase one of the new silver line that opens next week, but the
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rustin station is sport aing massive new garage that's more like a transportation hub, and first at 4:00 we get to show you an exclusive tour of the place. above ground a scenic pedestrian plaza that will be surrounded by high-rises. down under, a soon to be packed bus depot. fairfax connectors are adding 16 new routes and changing 28 others. >> see a lot of county action where fairfax connector passengers will be able to board their buses and transfer between the silver line and their bus routes to and from rustin and herndon areas. >> there are five levels of parking and even a secured bike room. david just toured the place. he will bring you there live on news 4 at 5:00 and be sure to check it out yourself before it opens. thousands of people line up for free dental care in southern maryland, and it's not too late to get your place in line. plus, a surprise guest crashes. first lady michelle obama's state dinner for kids.
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why there's a higher risk for earthquakes than ever before right here on the east coast. plus, will the humidity return this weekend?
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at the leave desk we have a serious accident affecting traffic at old georgetown road and the beltway in montgomery county. the southbound lanes are closed. a metro bus.
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these are live pictures from chopper four. a metro bus and two passenger vehicles collided right there, and apparently we have some serious injuries. they have -- they're trying to extricate one person from one of the vehicles and two other people are at this point being transported to the hospital. we'll keep you posted. back to you. a maryland group is trying to give people something to smile about. it's offering free dental care today for adults today. a steady stream of people have been showing up at north point high school and waldorf all day long to take advantage of the services. they include cleanings, fillings, and even extractions. they expect to treat as many as 2,000 people.
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>> i think this is absolutely awesome. i think it's also indicative of how many people don't have health insurance. >> i registered before i got here. thanks for the service. thanks for everything. >> today the clinic also dealt with a couple of medical emergencies. one woman standing in line went into labor and had to be transported to the hospital. the dental clinic runs today until 6:00 and then again tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. things are about to get better for pregnant women that work. the equal opportunity commission has updated its pregnancy discrimination guidelines. as britney reports, it comes as a maryland mother's case heads to the supreme court. >> reporter: for the first time in 30 years the equal employment opportunity commission issues updated guidelines against pregnancy discrimination. clari
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like the pregnancy discrimination act. >> pregnancy discrimination is gender discrimination, and has been sex discrimination under title 61978. >> reporter: the supreme court will soon hear a case of a ups worker who says she was forced take unpaid leave after she got pregnant. under the new guidelines employers cannot force pregnant workers to take leave and must provide light work. >> 1997 -- when pregnancy discrimination has increased by 34%. >> production she needs to have ample opportunity to take a break and to pump breast milk. >> the changes also protect men. the guidelines say men and women must be treated the same.
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if the woman gets two weeks off, so does the man. new guidelines to hopefully clarify confusing federal laws and build stronger families in the workplace. >> the law also keeps employers from discriminating against women who have a miscarriage or abortion. it appears more women are speaking up these days. the number of pregnancy-related employment complaints just nearly 50%. between 1997 and 2011. it's the conclusion of scientists that the geological survey. their new assessment out this afternoon finds the potential for larger and more damaging earthquakes in the east. the scientists learned a lot from the rural virginia centered quake in 2011 that was felt over a broad area, including ours. it was one of the largest earthquakes in the east over the past century and helped determine that even larger ones are possible around here. did you happen to look up
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and see anything in the night sky last night? other than stars. a meteorite apparently streaked through the air right over the d.c. area. there were sightings reported from bethesda to spotsylvania, and here's what appears to be one falling. at least somewhere in the video. raleigh, north carolina, driver caught that on his dash cam. the american meteor society says there were nearly 100 reports up and down the east coast last night alone. >> pretty amazing video. catch that. look at that. did you see it? >> i did not, but about the only thing folks are focussing on right now, i know, is the weekend forecast. >> that's right. >> and the question is can we get another streak like this? >> can we keep it going? >> we're going to be halfway there for the weekend. i'll explain that in just a moment. got a few clouds building right now. not delivering any showers. it feels really nice still outside. our temperatures in the 80s.
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most neighborhoods right now. you can see the numbers there. from 83 and in and around d.c. due port circle, 81. 82 degrees around college park. sandy spring around 80. it's 79 degrees. the beach locations with that east wind anywhere from the mid to the upper 70s. ocean city, 75, 78 degrees, and it is the beach locations that will be fairly cool this upcoming weekend too. the forecast, nice evening for us. we go from 83 where we are right now to 79 degrees. just under 80 by 9:00, 10:00. still, very nice. i'll call it mild around 11:00 p.m. at 76 degrees. some mornings, though, on the cool side. back into the 50s. wind shifts at martinsburg, 58 degrees. 57 in hagerstown. 68, ten degree jump there in d.c., and then it's mid 60s. yes, those are showers you see there in western maryland. there will be a chance early in the day tomorrow for the mountains. here in this your future
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weather. around frostburg and cumberland. i think probably staying just west of hagerstown early tomorrow morning. we'll go from a mostly cloudy to partly sunny sky. i think we'll go back to late in the afternoon. lots of clouds, but it's still going to feel just as much with warm temperatures in the low and mid 80s and reasonable humidity. sunday, plenty of clouds again. i think a hands for some isolated showers. you can see them mainly down to the south here. petersburg, lore yea around fredericksburg and waldorf. maybe up around areas like salsburiy and cambridge during sunday afternoon. yes, that does include the beaches for sunday right now. impact forecast, storm team 4 for tomorrow, comfortable low humidity. boom, we got a big old none for tomorrow, and we'll take that because heat and humidity will be returning in the days to come. your weekend, 83 degrees on saturday. 84 degrees on sunday with a 30% chance of an isolated shower on sunday. it's not going to be a wash-out
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by any means at all. in fact, we've got dry conditions early part of next week. 86 on monday. 90 degrees on tuesday. partly sunny sky. dry. humidity will start creeping up with that heat. we'll take a look at your extended forecast and, yes, the mountains and the beach forecast coming up with more detail just a little later in the newscast. news 4, your health now. another good reason not to forget the bug spray. >> a painful virus spread by mosquitoes has reached the u.s. it's called chickengunya. symptoms include muscle aches, swelling, and rash. it's believed to have spread if the krar bean. one man said he picked up a virus after he volunteered in haiti. there's no known vaccine for it. no one in the u.s. has died from it so far. they were once marketed as the healthier alternative to tobacco, but now e-cigarettes seem to be taking a hit in popularity.
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after years of steady growth, sales fell in both may and june. spoking industry analysts say many smokers are returning to regular cigarettes. don't expect shop. the smoking device is still a billion dollar business for tobacco companies. some young folks got a chance to dine with the first lady today at the white house, and somebody crashed the party. we'll take you to the state dinner for kids. are you being deceived by five-hour energy? before you reach for that jolt of energy, i'm erica gonzalez, and i'll tell you about the
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one youngster said cooking helps him bond with his mother. another said she cooks because she wants to become a chef someday. they also are among the 54 winners of the third annual healthy lunchtime challenge. first lady michelle obama hosted a kids state dinner at the white house today to recognize winning chefs. contestants between the ages of 8 and 12 had to whep up healthy, affordable, and tasty original lunchtime recipes. one winner from each state and the district was chosen. out of more than 1,500 entries. some of the winning recipes were served at the event in the east
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room, and guess who stopped by. >> we have a lot of state dinners around here. >> we do. >> they're not always as cheerful and fun as this. first of all, everybody is older and a little stogier, but this is a much hipper crowd. we are so proud of you to see the kind of leadership you're taking. >> can you find a list of all the winning dishes on our website, just search healthy lunchtime challenge. beyonce is not in the rock 'n' roll hall of family yet, but her clothes soon will be. ♪ ♪ man on my hip >> the outfits she wore during her super bowl performance and music videos will be featured in the museum's main xebt hall right next to items from michael jackson, david b owi e, and bruce springsteen. she won't be eligible into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame as a member of destiny's child until the year 2022, and then as a
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solo artist she'll be eligible in 2027. it's another big change in the comic book world if you read them. captain america is becoming african-american. officials at marvel say superheroes, the falcon well son will take over as the patriotic avenger in the upcoming installment of the long-running comic book series. the change will come in november, and all new captain america number one. former captain america, steve rogers, will be a mentor and a strategic advisor to wilson as he takes on the new role. earlier this week we told you that four will now be portrayed as a woman. also, iron man is relocating to san francisco. well, we all know some people can't talk on cell phones and walk at the same time, so what happens when cell phone talkers get their own sidewalk lane in northwest d.c.
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zarchlgts right now at 4:30 investigators try to find out what brought down a malaysian jetliner. the first international monitors are now on the scene. in light of this disaster, we want to know where is the safest part of the airplane for children? we're taking an in depth look at why seat belts are not required for kids. good afternoon. i'm barbara harrison in for jim handily. >> i'm pat lawson. teams from the fbi and ntsb are on their way to ukraine to help in the investigation into what happened to malaysia flight 17.
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it's unclear just how close they'll be able to get to the wreckage. wendy reeger is following the latest developments at the live desk. wendy. >> well, nbc news has learned that all the work done by the rescuers who are on the scene at the crash site came to a complete stop hours ago at the demand of the pro-russian rebels. crews say the militants did explain why. told the investigators they could return tomorrow morning. president obama is confirmed earlier today. the plane had, indeed, been shot down by a surface to air missile. killing at 298 people on board, but the challenge now is finding out who fired that missile. pro-russian militants and ukraine blaming each other. there is also confusion over the location of the black boxes and recording devices. the rebel leaders say their forces did find several of those devices and that one is on the way to moscow. there is a move to keep
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airliners out of the airspace that crosses that zone. the safety agency issued a warning to airlines to find alternate routes through that region. at the live desk, i'm wendy reeger. >> we'll have all the latest developments on the plane crash investigation as they happen throughout the afternoon and evening, and you can get updates any time on we're tracking developments in the middle east conflict. this is israel's first full day of the ground offensive in the gaza strip. nearly 20 palestinians and an israeli soldier were killed, and as richard engel reports, even as the troops pushed into gaza, hamas militants were firing rockets into israel. >> israel is continuing its ground offensive against the gaza strip. most of the military activity is focused on the perimeter of the gaza strep, areas that border israel. israel says that its military objective is to destroy tunnels that hamas has right along the border, under the border.
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in fact, tunnel that is militants have used to sneak into israel and carry out attacks. >> our understanding is the current military ground operations are designed to deal with this, and we are hopeful that israel will continue to approach this process in a way that minimizes civilian casualties. >> reporter: here in gaza there are already casualties. palestinian officials say that more than 20 people were killed just today just during the first full day of this military offensive. the civilians have been told to avoid conflict areas. the israeli military in some cases is telephoning people by name, telling them to leave their houses to find safer areas. the gaza strip is a closed zone. the borders -- gaza dz ns can't go too egypt or israel. there is nowhere for them to go. some people have been taking
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shelter in schools that have become makeshift refugee centers, but really now nowhere in the gaza strip feels safe. richard engel, nbc news, gaza city. take a look at this video. it shows a man d.c. police are looking for in connection with an armed robbery. the suspect walks into a cell phone store at benning road northeast and 23rd street. he robbed the place. this happened june 20th around 3:30 in the afternoon. fortunately, no one was hurt. a reward of up to $10,000 is now being offered for information that leads to an arrest in the case. if you take metro this weekend, it could take you longer to get where you are going. work to improve the rails will mean delays for many trains. starting tomorrow metro will close the green belt station. you'll have to get on a shuttle bus between green belt and college park. expect delays on the blue, orange, and red lines with trains running only every 24 minutes on the blue and orange lines tomorrow. all trains should be back, though, to their normal
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schedules on monday. a sidewalk stunt in northwest washington is confusing some pedestrians. a stretch of sidewalk along 18th street was labelled cell phones, walk in this lane at your own risk. the other side says no cell phones. the national geographic admits it's behind the temporary signage on that street and is filming reaction for a new tv series. bigger, faster, and cooler. rumors about the iphone 6 picking up steam now. we'll break it down for you. more money, better quality. not always true. i'm erica, and i'll tell you where it is fair to be frugal. >> i'll tell you when the clouds come in, it could bring rain and humidity. when the humidity will be high are w the heat. all that on our best weather day.
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the iphone 6 could be available before summer is over. 'sian media is reporting the new cell phone will begin production next week. reports say the new version has a 4.7 inch screen and production of a five and a half inch screen will start in august. the battery in the new phone
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will be two millimeters thick. that's a millimeter thinner than the current models. reports also claim manufacturers are having a little bit of trouble with the phone's fragile parts because it's so small. legal troubles ahead for the makers of five hour energy drinks. news 4 consumer reporter erica gonzalez is here in the studio now to explain. erica. >> yeah. if you ever guzzled those five hour energy drinks for a little bet of a boost, you should know that three states are suing the company for deceptive and misleading advertising. so far oregon, washington, and vermont have sued the makers of five hour energy over claims like "hours of energy," "no crash later," which it promotes in commercials. now, the lawsuits stem from a 2012 investigation launched by 33 states in which maryland actually took the lead. a spokesperson for five hour energy says the company stands
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by its products and calls the government's lawsuit civil intimidation. big news. the cpsc has reached an agreement with the makers of the high powered magnets called bucky balls and bucky cubes after a two-year legal fight. we have been warning you about these magnets for years. the cpsc says it has received numerous complaints about children swallowing the magnets. many times to get them out, it requires surgery. anyone who owns bucky balls and bucky cubes can now request a refund. simply head to buckyballs to get started. the magnet sets were sold anywhere from $25 to $40. the high-powered magnets were recalled back in may of this year. it is now illegal under federal law to sell or even distribute any buckyball or buckycube
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soft smart magazine has three examples of products where you don't have to spend an arm and a leg. we want to start first with vacuums. do not even think about going more than $1,500. shop smart magazine says you can spend less than one-third of that and not lose out on quality. it recommends the kenmore progressive vacuum, and approximate that goes for about $400. when it comes to mattresses, do not overspend, folks. the smartest picks? shopsmart says that the certa perfect day i-series costs about $1,000, and beat out mattresses that cost nearly $5,000 in a durability test. for interior pabt, maybe you are doing some diy stuff this summer. shop smart says behr is your best bet. a gallon runs about $34 and left fewer roller marks on the walls than pricey brands like benjamin moore in the shop smart lab
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test. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, back to school is around the corner. parents, i know you know what i'm talking about. prices are expected to go up. one easy way to save. gets the kids one outfit for the first day back and then wait until mid-september to buy clothes. that's when you can expect deep discounts. i'll give you three more ways to save coming up at 5:00. >> thanks, eric wra. well, when we fly, we all have to buckle up. it's the law. what about babies on airplanes? are they safe? we're taking an in depth look at why seat belts are not required for them.
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when you hit the road, you have to buckle your baby in a car seat. it's the law. but the same rules don't apply when flying. >> one woman is pushing to change that. she saw firsthand what can happen to babies who aren't secured. phil rogers takes a look at what's keeping the faa from changing the rules. >> reporter: watch this airplane cart wheel down the road in cedar rapids, iowa. jan brown remembers giving very specific instructions for the impending crash. >> parents with lap children, place them on the floor at this
4:47 pm
time and hold them. i just could not believe i was saying those words. it was the most ludicrous thing i've ever said in my life. >> reporter: while 184 people survived the crash among the 112 passengers killed was 22-month-old evan tsao, ripped from the arms of his mother who confronted brown amidst the wreckage. >> she just looked up at me and said you told me to put my baby on the floor and it would be okay, and he is gone. >> reporter: 25 years brown has fought for the rule to be changed. in spite of the faa's own research showing the perils of lab children on airplanes, the agency still allows the practice for children under the age of 2. since sioux city there have been more incidents where lap children were injured or killed, including this crash. u.s. air flight 1016 where remarkably 20 others survived. >> the parent can't hold the child, so that child becomes a flying object in the cabin. >> reporter: former ntsb
4:48 pm
official john golea calls the lap child controversy one of the most troubling unresolved issues from his years of investigating transportation safety. >> if there's not en blood, you don't get a new rule. >> reporter: the faa says forcing parents to buy tickets for their babies, would -- opting for highway trip that is they say are more dangerous and would result in more child deaths. among parents we spoke with, we ard both views. >> flights are so expensive, and to have to pay a full fare for a child, a lot of people would probably drive instead. >> reporter: even if the faa argued that it would be better to hold your child in an airplane than buckle him into a child seat in a car, on their own website they talk about the danger. the safest place for your child on an airplane is in a government approved child safety restraint system, they write. your arms aren't capable of holding your child securely, and survivors say they can attest to that. >> it broke my neck. how would an infablt be able to live through the pressure?
4:49 pm
>> reporter: the faa warning parents about the dangers, even as they virtually encourage the practice by allowing lap-held children to fly for free. >> as one faa official told me years ago when i asked how long will it take to get this done, and he said when there are enough deaths. i keep at it until it's done. i will never give up. >> now, some car seats are approved for airline travel, but not all of them. you'll want to check with your manufacturer and airline before flying. 100 homes now lost. burned to the ground as a wildfire rages out of control in washington state. right now an entire town is being evacuated. so far the blaze burned two major power lines causing widespread outages. thankfully there have been no reports of any injury. let's check out our forecast as we go into the weekend. we are hoping for -- >> it's not going to be bad. it's going to be comfortable
4:50 pm
this weekend. it's not going to be gloomy or raining the whole time. i said that. i got that out of the way. it's going to be fairly -- let's take a look. we're going to start with the radar and show you what's going on. this is a look at the radar all the way to areas like winchester. lorrei dry right now. there are areas building in the mountains right now, and it's all part of an area of low pressure that will be tracking very slowly on saturday in the and the early part of sunday in the northeast. >> there were clouds, and there's a chance for a little bet of rain. let's take a look at the beach forecast then and what you can expect. 75 degrees. it's an east wind with that system coming up the coast. as you might expect. temperatures inland around ocean
4:51 pm
city will be fairly close to the water temperature. p 7 degrees on saturday. lots of clouds. a chance of some showers on sunday. 78 degrees. sunday reason looks to be the best chance of seeing showers at the beach. as far as the mountain forecast goes, we have a chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm on saturday and even on sunday. 76, 79 degrees. again, lots of clouds around throughout this weekend at the mountains and especially at the coast. areas inland, closer to home, were warm tomorrow. by noontime, 73 degrees. then 83 for a high temperature around 2:00, 3:00 p.m., and, again, the humidity fairly low for tomorrow. in the 80s across the area tomorrow. low and mid 80s here to look at that storm team seven-day forecast. the weekend in the 80s. again, comfortable. as promised, we're heading outdoors. time for backyard weather. it is friday, and meteorologist doug is in rockville, maryland.
4:52 pm
ready to have some fun? >> i always am ready to have some fun. it is friday. yes, that means it's backyard weather day. we have another beautiful and i do mean beautiful day here for backyard weather. we're in the backyard of angela and -- anglo, first off, say hello, everybody. [ cheering ] >> this was like a little bit of a maze to get to. i got to tell you -- >> having fun with us. friends and family. >> ready to go. >> lots of good food. >> lots of good food. >> are you guys, like, listening to the weather back there. is that what that is? >> i don't know what that was. that was -- was that video of us on the air? all right. great. they're watching us as we're watching you, and we're going to send it back to you guyht now because, again, once again, a fantastic afternoon here and on your friday for backyard weather. we're going to see your backyard because this is a little slice of heaven, isn't it? >> it is. >> it is a slice of heaven.
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it could be yours too if you are watching for the next 10, 15, 20 minutes. >> that's right. thanks a lot, doug. again, that's coming up on news 4 at 5:00 and at 6:00. doug has lots of ground to cover. i always like seeing guys, just how much he can put away during that time period. again, it's all coming up with another look at the forecast. military will soon provide gender treatments for the soldier convicted of leaking government documents to wikileaks. bradley manning, who now calls herself chelsea manning, was diagnosed with a gender identity condition and wants to live as a woman. the initial gender treatments could include allowing manning to wear some female undergarments and also possibly provide some hormone treatments as well. at first the army said it does not have the medical expertise to give manning the best treatment and it pushed to have manning moved from the military prison to a civilian facility, but yesterday the bureau of prisons rejected that transfer request. a teacher accused of
4:54 pm
threatening to fail her student if he broke up with her. how police got wind of their alleged relationship. the traffic is over there, but, hey, this lane in the middle is wide open. what is it and how can it help you? i'm adam tuck. the story coming up.
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two kids and a good career. police say a teacher in connecticut put it all on the line. she accused -- she is accused of having an affair with a student and as doug green reports, the boy says she hit him and even threatened fail him when he tried to break up with her. daniel watkins turns herself in to police. she they charge her with first degree sexual assault and providing marijuana to two students. the 18-year-old victim told him his affair with mrs. watkins had started in september. stroo from what the victim said, the sexual relations actually happened off school grounds. they met up in the parking lot and drove off. >> reporter: police got search warrants and in norwalk where she lives in this apartment building -- >> in her phone we extracted all the information. we got about 2,000 text messages back and forth from the victim, and her, nude text messages that were sent to the victim and also
4:58 pm
about 100 phone calls. >> reporter: he inside may when the victim tried to end things, mrs. watkins assaulted him, accused him of seeing somebody else, and threatened flunk him. to graduate he needed pass her class. this graduate says it happens more often than you think. >> the guy wants to break it off. he wants to go away, and she wants to keep having the affair, and he doesn't want it, so they fail him. >> it's crazy. that's all can i say. i don't want to judge her, so got to wait until the trial. >> daniel watkins is on administrative leave from her teaching job. she's due in court at the end of the month. right now at 5:00 a minimum yea van careens into a security booth. we'll show you the dramatic rescue that had neighbors cheering. arrested on the hill. a congressional staffer busted with a .9 millimeter. what he told us on the phone. the malaiysian air tragedy. new victims that have connections to the united states.
4:59 pm
first tonight, that congressional staffer busted for taking a handgun to the hell. >> that pistol wasn't the only thing he was carrying. news 4's dorothy spencer spoke to him on the phone. she joins us live. she's on the hill. >> wrau. live at first and d streets on the southeast side of the capital. over here that is the canon office building where everything happened this morning. this staffer never even made it into the office. he told me this was all an accident. >> a press secretary who works for a pennsylvania congressman is facing a felony charge after allegedly carrying his pistol and magazine into the canon house office building where he works. he works for congressman congressman tom marino who placed the staffer on unpaid leave. i reached him by phone, but he would only say it was a total accident. >> i can see it as an honest mistake, but at the same time you got to abide by whatever the local laws are. >> reporter: he referred
5:00 pm
questions to the congressman's chief of staff who tells news 4 he forgot he had the gun in his briefcase or bag and put it on the conveyor belt on the security checkpoint just inside the building. the .9 millimeter smith & wesson was discovered by security as it went through the x-ray machine. he was taken into custody. >> he broke the law. >> reporter: congressman marino sets on the homeland security and judiciary committees and is a former u.s. attorney. his chief of staff told news 4 he is taking this very seriously. he says frank will he, we are disappointed in ryan's lack of judgment." while ryan works on the hill, he lives in virginia, which has much different gun laws than the district. ryan is now facing a felony charge, carrying ato without a license. it was a mistake that got him in legal trouble and could cost


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